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How to play El Gordo de la Primitiva online?

The Spanish El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery is available in stationary outlets throughout Spain. You can find the official sales outlets in every city, fill in the traditional paper ticket and try your luck in the draw. But what if you’re not a Spanish resident and don’t plan to take a trip to this sunny country?

Get your tickets for El Gordo de la Primitiva online. Our website allows you to buy the tickets for this Spanish lottery from any place in the world at any time of day and night. It’s a convenient way of participating in lottery draws, which is becoming more and more popular among players from all around the world.

Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 54. Remember, that if you’re playing online, you need to pick at least two lines, sets of lucky numbers. You can, of course, choose to buy more line and increase your winning chances.

You need to pick all 5 main numbers correctly and your ticket needs to include the correct Reintegro number. Bear in mind, that the player doesn’t pick the Reintegro number, it is automatically added at random to the ticket by the ticket-printing machine. The Reintegro number is picked from 0 to 9 pool.

The minimum prize pool in El Gordo de la Primitive is €5,000,000. Pick your lucky numbers today and try your luck in this Spanish lottery.

How to increase El Gordo de la Primitiva winning chances

The most important rule: take part in each draw. You never know when luck will smile upon you and when your lucky numbers will be come out in the draw. If you skip the draw and the lottery draw machine selects your numbers, will you be able to forgive yourself?

Second rule: choose your set of lucky numbers and consistently play using these numbers in each draw. Of course, you can choose more than one line. The more lines, the bigger chances to win.

Both principles have been by many lotto millionaires who, thanks to their regularity and consistency, won amazing prizes.

To increase your chances of winning a prize at El Gordo de la Primitiva even further, encourage your family and friends to play with you. Playing as a group allows you to accumulate a larger budget for the purchase of lotto tickets. The more tickets, the more likely you are to win one of the prizes.

Buy the El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery tickets online today and see if the next results of the Spanish lotto draw will change your life. Play to win!