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How to play La Primitiva?

La Primivita lottery is available throughout Spain. You can buy paper tickets at many stationary outlets. The green La Primitiva ticket means that the player decides to participate in the next draw, and the brown one allows the purchase of an official ticket for the Thursday and Saturday draw.

If you do not live in Spain, play La Primitiva online at our website. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone Internet access to buy the tickets of La Primitiva at any time of day or night.

Choose 6 numbers from the pool from 1 to 45. You need to select a minimum of 2 lines, i.e. 2 sets of lucky numbers to play online. A randomly selected „Reintegro” number within 0 to 9 range will be automatically added to your ticket.

You must pick all 6 basic numbers and the Reintegro to claim the jackpot.

The minimum prize pool is € 2,000,000.

How to increase La Primitiva winning chances

Play regularly, take part in each draw. You have the chance to win the La Primitiva jackpot twice a week. Listen to the advice of many lotto millionaires and play Spanish lotto regularly and consistently.

Choose your set of lucky numbers and use exactly the same numbers in each draw. The method of choosing the numbers for your lucky set is completely up to you.

Invite your family and friends to play with you to increase your winning chances, especially when the jackpot grows. The more tickets you buy, the bigger the chances of winning a prize. Remember that you will have to split the prize among all your group members.

Play La Primitiva online today! Give yourself a chance to claim a great prize in this famous Spanish lottery.